Win a gallery print from Ireland


It’s been a very busy and exciting  time here at the wideanglecafe for the last month. Preparations for the Exhibition are nearing an end and work on a proper website is well underway. The website will contain my portfolio of portrait, candid and landscape shots, including the limited edition prints on this post.

To coincide with the start of the Exhibition on August 24th I am offering a free limited edition landscape print to one of my blog followers.

To enter, just hit the the follow by email button  at the top right of this page. On August 24th, at the exhibition opening, I will make a random draw from all of the followers. The winner can choose from one of the two images on this post. Please don’t use the RSS link as I am not notified of followers on RSS. The winner will be announced on this site.

The photo will be printed at 420x297mm (A3) on Fibre based paper, using archival quality inks and will be one of a limited edition of 25 at this size.

If you are already following this blog by email on directly on wordpress then you are entered for the draw already. Otherwise hit follow and good luck!


10 thoughts on “Win a gallery print from Ireland

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    • Hi Gerard, thanks for looking at these. There were no coloured filters in front of the lens, just a neutral density grad to balance the light. The blue comes from the late evening light and the white balance on the camera, it was essentially dark when I took this.

  2. Beautiful prints, I added your blog to my “follow” on blogspot…dunno if that counts. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t enter me for the draw, I have always admired your photographs and am looking forward to seeing what else you have to share! 🙂

    • Many thanks. It has been really hectic getting things ready mostly because I have no idea where to source certain things like mattes here in France. But it’s pretty much ready to go now.

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