Heading to Nanjing

I am heading off to Nanjing, China today for three weeks work with my day job. If anyone has recommendations on great photo locations there I would love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Heading to Nanjing

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  2. I lived there for several years; your biggest issues are going to be weather (hot and rainy in June), including the ever present pollution. I don’t have much to offer beyond what tourist guides will offer for daylight photography. Sun Yat-sen’s memorial on Purple Mountain is beautiful, as is the observatory at the top of Purple Mountain. You have beautiful views of the city from the top if you have a clear day. The Nanjing Wall is lovely, as is Xuanwu Lake on a nice day; however, be warned, if the weather is nice, these places are quite crowded.

    “City sights” Ziefang tower was finished right around after I left, so I’ve never been to the top. Apparently, there is also a hotel around

    If you are interested in people and neighborhoods, a few years back, the neighborhoods around Fuzimiao were still hutongs; people tended to be quite welcoming (although no one speaks English), and a walk around those areas assuming they have not been torn down gives you an idea of how people live and work day to day. Fuzimaio is also fun for night shots; it’s a market area full of vendors, and at night it’s bright and well lit with fabulous neon lights. As is the Nanjing Road area; fun night photography.

    If you’re interested in more obscure places, I can dig around in my blog; we did come across an old steam engine graveyard, but it was a bit of a hike to find it, there’s an interesting island in the south that you reach by ferry, best explored in bicycle, and a really wacky park that had some of the more interesting “country representations” I’ve ever seen. At the moment, my blog is still public (www.blithetraveler.com), so please also feel free to poke around yourself.

    • Hi Ellen.

      My apologies I had not reckoned on not being able to access my blog while in China, so I have only just seen your comments.

      As it turns out I got to many of the places that you mentioned and I will be posting some photos over the next couple of days.

      Thanks again.

  3. Sorry, a bit of that was lost … there is also a hotel around Xuwuman lake that has a circling restaurant; not something I’ve done, but could be interesting views on a clear day or night.

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