Poppies at sunset

The poppies are in full bloom at the moment here in Provence. They are usually scattered sparsely all over fields and hedgerows, but just out side our house there is a small field with a major concentration of them. This evening I was supposed to be taking the dog for a walk but when I saw the evening sun on the poppies, I swapped the dog for a camera 🙂 and had a bit of fun.




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5 thoughts on “Poppies at sunset

  1. Beautiful to say the least, my fav flowers….I have them in my garden and the plant is a direct descendant of a plant that was in our garden as a child…..and that was neither today nor yesterday!

    • Thanks Ruth. They propagate well alright. Hoping to find a field of rape and poppies together, but the bloom is gone from most of the rape fields now.

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