French Snacks

This was a busy week so not much time for photography, so I headed off to Manosque for an hour on saturday with food and snacks on my mind, both are part of the  fabric of life in France.

Sometimes all you need is a paper and  un café…

but sometimes you need a sugar rush, for those times the French came up with Café Gourmand….

Cafe gourmand is Petits Fours served with Coffee, typically it is served at the end of the meal but in some places you can just order it on its own. This one was Chantilly, Macaroons, Mousse au chocolat and crème brûlée. I order this when ever I can….. nom nom nom nom

Outside the cafés you can not escape the snacks either. The square in Manosque on saturday was redolent with roasting chestnuts……

….and buttery popcorn

Sunday stills is a just for fun weekly photo challenge run by Ed. Google it and join in.

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