Sunday Stills – Yellow

The Autumnal colours here are amazing and change by the day. For the most part I shoot B&W so this challenge was fun. I am looking forward to more.

Right now I only get to shoot at the weekend and unfortunately this weekend the weather was not great. But it did mean that the streetlights were on early, casting a yellowy orange glow on this street in the old part of Manosque. The shop window obliged and illuminated the umbrella of this passerby.

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Yellow

  1. Top shot, amazing! Last shot what a lovely photo with the yellow umbrella. I almost feel as though I am there. So this may seem like a silly question but did you use a tripod for the first picture?

    • Thanks for the compliment. It really was raining heavily yesterday when I took the shot in the village. I has to hide my camera under my coat to keep it dry in between shots. I must have looked like some weirdo to the locals.

      Not a silly question on the first shot. the shutter speed was 1/15th of a sec so you would expect a tripod. It was handheld with vibration reduction turned on in the lens, so it kinda compensates for hand movement, but not the zooming

      • I have VR but I don’t think I could have done the slow shutter speed and zoomed at the same time depending on the size of the lens.. 🙂 I would have been all befuddled. I learned something from you today George!

  2. The first photo is drama all the way! Terrific. The photo with the yellow umbrella is great. Love the yellow umbrella, and the yellow glow of the walkway. It is a wonderful capture of “the moment”.

  3. Welcome to SS George, thatz a stunning shot the 1st one with slow shutter speed and zoom (i guess) and really loved the last street shot, beautiful images.

    • My apologies WB, just getting the hang of wordpress and did not know I had a comment from you in spam.

  4. Wow! So different . I wouldn’t have thought to try it- but I will now! And I love the street scene- something about them always draws me in! You are a welcome addition my friend.

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